Prayer Agenda

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Please join us in praying for the following:

Special Prayers for Haiti

  • Quick and organised co-ordination of rescue efforts on the ground in Port-au-Prince
  • Positive co-operation and collaboration among the many relief and aid groups of diverse nations
  • Successful recovery of many more trapped persons
  • Miraculous stemming/restraint of disease and infection
  • Wisdom for the President and other public/private sector leaders
  • God's mercy in holding back any further quakes
  • Courage, faith and testimonies of God's grace and provision for Haitian Christians
  • That the international response will be sustained in order for Haiti to get back on its feet
  • That the international perspective and involvement of Haiti will become more favourable
  • Unity among Haitians, a common desire for restoration of political stability, economic and social prosperity

Ongoing Prayers

  • Salvation of non-Christian lawyers in Jamaica
  • Wisdom for all those in authority in the public and private sector in Jamaica
  • Health and wholeness of LCF members
  • The Lord's provision and sustenance for LCF members