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Nicole Foster Pusey
Nicole Foster Pusey

I am glad that I am a Christian and I am enjoying my career as a lawyer. My faith in God gives me wisdom, hope for the future and strength for each day. In 1993 I was called to the Bar. After being in practice for over 16 years I truly feel that I am pursuing my calling, that with hard work I can excel in the practice of law…and that (happily) being a practising Christian and a competent attorney-at-law are not mutually exclusive.

I vividly recall that when I, as a teenager, expressed an interest in pursuing a career in law a number of persons exclaimed “But all lawyers are liars!” It was therefore felt that I could not be truly a Christian and pursue a career in law at the same time.

While at the Norman Manley Law School I was therefore happy to learn of the existence of the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship (“LCF”). It was my pleasure to join the fellowship and I have been a member for over ten (10) years.

Over this period the LCF has provided me with a number of opportunities. These include opportunities for- Christian fellowship, advice, worship and witnessing-to name a few. I have also been able to see fervent Christians with successful legal firms/practices.

Significantly, the LCF has supported me during challenging times that I have faced. I really appreciate the fact that during one such testing time not only were the members praying for me constantly, but the LCF, on my behalf, also wrote to the relevant authorities seeking answers to a number of questions. In addition members of the LCF offered to and in fact assisted me in making a transition in my career. This represented both faith and works and I continue to be grateful for their active and prayerful support.

As LCF celebrates its 25th anniversary I pray God’s blessing on the Fellowship and that God will also continue to reveal to us the direction in which we must go to continue His Work and Ministry.

For those reading who may not have committed their lives to Christ I say to you as the Psalmist says “Taste and see that the Lord is good!” Psalm 34:7.