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“Champs for the Lord !”

Like many Jamaicans, I was well-aware of the recent staging of the 100th anniversary of the inter-secondary school track and field championships for boys (‘Boys Champs’). I was particularly thrilled that the Wolmers’ Boys School won this years’ title (March 2010) because of familial ties (my brother’s alma mater) and from the historical perspective of that school having also won the inaugural meet.

What also impressed me was that the Wolmers’ team was numerically smaller than the teams of other major contenders who it was expected would vie for 1st place – Calabar High (the defending champions), Kingston College, and Jamaica College.  Even before the final day of the 4-day event, the radio commentators and sports analysts remarked that Wolmers was the best team that year. They were demonstrably well-trained and well-prepared, physically and mentally. They believed in and fulfilled their school motto, ‘Age Quod Agis’- do what you do to the best of your ability. At the championships, it wasn’t the numbers that counted, it was the quality of the team and its impact.

There is a spiritual perspective to this event. Global statistics indicate that Christians (as opposed to Muslim, Hindu or other religious affiliation) are a numerical minority in this modern age, and certainly one could say that born-again, committed believers are even less.  We may be few in number or loners at work, play and in the family, but just as it was for the Wolmers Boy’s track team, so it should be for us Christians. It is not how many we are, but the quality of our witness and its potential for wide-reaching impact.

Just think about how a little salt can make an otherwise boring dish come to life, or what a candle or flashlight can do for a dark room when the electricity has suddenly been cut off. Being salt and light where we are placed will make a difference but the salt must have taste and the light shine with strength.

Numbers are no challenge for the Lord. In fact he regales in ‘smallness’ so that the outcome is even more astounding and we are kept humble as the credit goes to Him. Gideon and his 300 men took on the entire Midianite army; the passionate testimony of 12 disciples ignited a holy transformation that swept across Judea and Samaria and, the missions and letters of the Apostle Paul benefited many in the known Greek and Roman worlds of the time, and countless others today. It was not man’s power and might that won victories, but the workings of the Holy Spirit and a disciplined obedience to the Lord.  

Our friends, family, co-workers, fellow citizens need each, individual, one of us, to make a difference, to be a person of quality right where they are.  To be prepared we must be trained in the Word, exercise regularly with prayer and follow the instructions of our Coach.  Yes, we are not perfect, we make mistakes, some of us have fallen on the tracks or have gotten out of shape, but there is a cloud of witnesses in the grandstands encouraging us on, to get up and keep going.  And praises be that our Coach is forward-looking and very interested in redeeming, renewing and re-using. So, knock the chinks out of the armour, massage the aching limbs, refocus the lens and press toward the goal for the prize (and medals!) of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.  Let us be Champs for the Lord!


Submitted by
Philippa Davies
Member of the LCF Executive